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Automatic Soap Foam Dispenser/Automatic disinfectant dispenserCY525

1. Product name: Automatic Disinfectant Dispenser/automatic foam soap dispenser
2. Equipped with the product: Hand lotion
3. Product code: CY-0525(white)
4. Suitable for public places, hospital, restaurant, kindergarten and nursery
Use: hand sanitizer, disinfection, shampoo, shower gel and so on.
1. Recognition: This dispenser is only applicable to our hand lotion products such as liquid type, foam type and waterless type.
2. Function infrared sensor: Fluid convenience, one fluid each time, strong anti-interference.
3. Quantitative fluid: The dispenser has two steps of the fluid volume set, can be adjusted according to actual needs.
4. Remainders: The dispenser has lack of liquid, lack of power off and fault alert function.
Product parameters
1. Dimensions: 28*18*14cm
2. Capacity: 800ml
3. Battery: AA1.5V*4
4. Battery Life: >20000 fluid, standby time 2 years
5. Fluid volume: 0.4ml each time (adjustable)

Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser
Capacity     800mL
Type             Liquid/ Foam type
Control Panel     Mirco-computer
Production Size     280*180*140mm
Power             4pcs AA alkaline batteries or AC adapter
Operation way     Touchless infrared
Sensing distance    preset at 2.5-7.5cm
Color             White
Drop             0.4mL (adjustable)
Material     ABS Plastic*Stainless steel
Setting             Wall-Mounted
Soap Refilling     Top opening, easy to refilling and cleaning
Double Hold Opening Lock: Enhance security
Quality:                        FCC and CE certification
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