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KL888 scent machine

Model NO.:KL-G888
Oil consumption:3ml/H(Continuously working)
Fit for: 500 ml PET essential oil bottle   
Color:Golden,Silver or customized

  Can Design your own or create design for you
1. OEM and ODM accepted.
2. High quality,reasonable price.
3. CE certification.
4. Ultra-quiet, long life.
5. 3 groups working times,you can set fragrance strength for each group respectively.
6. Refillable fragrance oil bottle.
7. Ultra-quiet,Environment protecting.
8.Simple operation and easy maintenance.
9.Metal shell, high class,strong and durable.
10.Great Stainless steel nozzle,no blocking,no leakage,no need maintenance in 2 years.
11.Great pump,20000 hours lifespan,  high efficent diffusion.
12.Intelligent microcomputer control, internally installed protection device.

Work time adjustable
1. cyclical working time is adjustable between 1-3600 seconds
2. cyclical pause time can be adjustable between 1-3600 seconds
3. Oil consumption is 3ml/h (Continuously working)
4. Three working period can be set per day
5. Days to work can be set.For example,Monday to Friday,Monday to Saturday,Monday to Sunday.

For changing the new oil, suggest using the industrial alcohol to wash the bottle inside easily in case oils mix up.

Can Design your own or create design for you

Ideal for hotel lobby, car shop, shopping mall, hospital Entertainment,Weeding photography,Jewelry clothing,Station airport, Furniture, Household,Hall Pavilion, Hospital, Bank, Luxury villa,Tourist attractions,Sauna bath,Bar tea house,KTV
Home,Club,Hotel lobby, Meeting room, Brand store, Business Hall,Corridor and so on .....

  √ Connect with HVAC
  √ Mount to the wall
  √ Tabletop placement
  √ Vehicle mounted

1. Quality: all styles passed CE&ROHS,safe for user
2. Guarantee: 1year,any technical problem will under maintenance
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