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water purifier

Water Purifier Main Parts Function Introduction

Using the current most advanced international RO technology, standard configuration is as follows:

1.First is a 10-inch 5-micron PP filter:

The aperture of the PP filter is 5 microns, can effectively filter rust, sand, other larger particles and solid impurities in water.

2.Second is a 10-inch 85C granular activated carbon filter:

Can effectively adsorb chlorine, humus, disinfection by-products, odors, colors, and other materials.

3.Third is a 10-inch 1-micron PP filter:

Can further remove small particles in the water, suspended solids, colloids, etc.

4.Fourth stage is RO membrane:

Aperture is .0001 micron (0.1 nm), reduces bacterium by 4,000 fold, reduces viruses by over 200 fold, so you can effectively remove bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, pesticide residues, and other harmful substances from the water.

5.The fifth-stage is a post-activated carbon filter:

Regulates water taste, keeps water fresh.

Note: This machine also has an optional configuration:

Pretreatment Filter: KDF two stage filter, KDF three stage filter, sintered activated carbon filter

Post-filter: Alkaline filter, infrared mineralization activated carbon filter, alkaline sterilization filter, sterilizing filter
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